Kokkila Swimming Competition

on Saturday 5th January 2019,  at  12am

at Kokkila sauna, Kokkilantie 890, Angelniemi

Race series 25 m "head-up" breaststroke: A -20 v, B 20–29, C 30–39, D 40–49, E 50–59, F 60–69, G 70– 
Race series 50 m "head-up" breaststroke: age series will be decided after registrations 
Relays: less than 150 years and more than150 years 
Seals: 25 m without timing 
Young Seals: dip to cold water

The races will be arranged in sea water using three 25 m tracks. There will be manual timing. Notice! The organizer can merge series in case there are less than three competitors. It's good to mention the sex of the competitors too.


Send your registrations via email to salonseudunavantouimarit(at)gmail.com in advance no later than on Sunday the 30th December 2018; Sign up your name, society (or city), series you participate and the year of birth. You can also tell some background information about you, some story for the anchorman. He will tell the stories to the audience during the competition. If you have a team to the relay, tell us the name and the members of the team.

Pricing: 10 € adults; 5 € under 15 years. Relays 40 €/team. Pay the payments no later than the 30th December 2018 to the bank account FI26 4715 0010 0154 91. Write the names of the competitors to the payment message.

You can also register on the date of the competition before 11 am, the price is 20 € / swimmer (races). Notice that the organizer hasn't insurance for the competitors, it's good to have one's own insurance.  

There will be pea soup, sausage, coffee and bun for sale. There will be lottery with good prizes. The organizer will take some photos which will be published on society's home page.  

Welcome to the joyful event! 

emai: salonseudunavantouimarit(at)gmail.com